For the sole purpose of improving the browsing experience of users on our site we use so-called cookies, or small files that are stored by the computer when the website is visited by a user and then used by browsing programs (such as for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.).

Since cookies can be used, in some cases even if it is not our case, to record the purchase preferences and consumption habits creating a real user profile, the Privacy Authority has decided to adjust the use by submitting it to the explicit acceptance of the user.

Types of cookies

  1. Technical cookies:
    Their use is essential for the proper functioning of the services offered by our site such as language selection, booking and purchase of products and services … etc.
    The use of technical cookies does not require any consent.
  2. Statistical cookies
    Their use is essential to improve the performance of our site because they indicate which pages were most visited, their loading time, time spent on the page, etc. The data are collected in aggregate form and it is in no way possible to trace the identity of the individual user. The only identifying element consists in storing the IP address assigned to the connection with which it accesses the Internet. The statistics program used is Google Analytics. For any need related to the activation / deactivation / use of cookies, below the instructions on the related navigation programs will be reported. The BCS Group uses cookies only for statistical purposes and in total anonymous form.
  3. Profiling cookies
    The BCS Group does not use profiling cookies.
  4. Third-party cookies
    Since our goal is to offer you the best possible service, we could also use third-party services, such as videos posted on youtube, Facebook shares or links and scripts from other sites … etc.
    The cookies assigned to users of our site by third party operators could provide the latter, data on how they viewed our pages and which of these have been most interesting, data that aggregated to others already in their possession could give rise to a profiling .
    This type of cookie is not directly controllable by us and therefore we can not offer any warranty on the use that will be done

Accepting and waiving of cookies

If you continue browsing the site by closing the information area or simply clicking or scrolling through any other page of the site, our Cookies Policy will be accepted.
In order to renounce the use of Cookies, however, it will be necessary to disable their use by following the instructions for setting the navigation programs used (the so-called browsers) as described below.

How to disable cookies

The most widespread browsing programs allow both to disable the acceptance of new cookies and to delete those already in memory, in order to receive updated instructions you need to read them from the links listed below for the most popular ones. For all the others open the help pages or enter the settings of the program used.
Microsoft Edge:
Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:
Apple Safari:

Some of these browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox) allow you to choose the anonymous browsing window, whose purpose is to release as few data as possible.